About Me

Hi!  I'm Cyclin' Missy, an avid runner and cyclist in Grand Rapids, MI.

I'm a 30-something married woman with no kids.  I work as a Project Coordinator in the software engineering department of a material handling company.

I've been a runner since 1994 and a cyclist since 2008.  I've always been active, but I've begun to see these middle years of my life as an opportunity to be even smarter about my fitness.

I'm also going through a try-new-things phase in my athletic life.  In the last few years, I did my first century rides, a duathlon, a triathlon, a bunch of obstacle mud runs, a mountain biking race, and my first marathon.  I've decided that trail running is one of my favorite things in the world.

The Cyclin' Missy blog tells the story of my adventures in fitness and living life.  Feel free to contact me through comments or by email.