Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review

It feels like 2013 has been my most out-of-shape year ever, but in reality it wasn't a total bust.  It also feels like I'm finally on an activity upswing.  This year, I had a lot of fun doing a wide variety of exercises, events, and sports:

  • The Tough Mudder Michigan
  • The Color Me Rad 5k
  • The Totally Gay 5k
  • A naked 5k
  • The Grand Rapids Mud Run 5k
  • The Warrior Dash Michigan II 5k
  • 144 miles of running on trails and roads
  • 179 miles of biking
  • 51 miles of walking
  • 10 weight lifting workouts
  • 11 games of dodgeball
  • 20 volleyball matches
  • 1 swim workout
  • 1 snowshoeing outing
  • 2 trampoline workouts
  • Kayaking in Florida
  • several matches of tennis 
  • several rounds of Frisbee golf
  • several evenings going out to dance
With the setup of our active media room, the hubby and I have been moving a lot more in the last month.  For Christmas, we added a stationary bike that we can both ride (instead of just my bike on a trainer, which was too small for the hubby), and we're considering finding a second cheap treadmill.  Watching movies and playing old X-Box games have made exercising for an hour or two so easy!

I even tried the My Fitness Pal app for my iPhone for a week before the holidays.  I have always been curious about how many calories I eat in a day, so I decided to track my food for a week and see where I came out.  I feel like I have a ballpark idea now despite a lot of likely calorie count inaccuracies.  But I did not continue using the app after that week, as I did not like the mindset it put me in.  I started to think things like, "I shouldn't eat this" or "I should stop eating for the day so I can come under my calorie goal" even though it was not my intention to lose weight.  I love food and the freedom to eat anything reasonable in moderation, and I much prefer to exercise to maintain my health and fitness than to obsess over numbers.  I have never weighed myself much.  I try to eat well and stay active.  If I feel good, my doctor is happy, and I like how I look, then everything is as it should be.  I did like the app in general, and I understand why some of my friends find it useful as a guide.  I'm just a happier person without obsessing over eating.

For 2014, I have not made any big race plans yet.  I expect that the hubby and I will do a few color and/or mud runs.  The big event that I'm considering is the M-22 Challenge in northern Michigan in June.  It is a run/bike/kayak race, which I think sounds like a blast - like a triathlon but without the swimming!

I'm excited for the new year ahead...  For new adventures and active fun as always!  Happy New Year 2014!