Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike Bridge over Division

The new bridge over Division and a gorgeous fall day!

A nice new bridge has been built on the Southbelt trail where it crosses Division Ave on the south side of M-6.  It looks like it has actually been there for a while, but last week was the first time I actually used it.  It's in a great place allowing cyclists and other trail users to cross a dangerous road.  A trail head parking lot was also built on the west side of the street for bike path users to congregate.  Sadly, the path does not extend any further and there is not even a sidewalk on that side of the street, so it doesn't go too far in connecting this portion of the Southbelt trail to the Kent trails.  But just having a safe road crossing for the youth who live in that area is a great thing.  Having been hit by a car just down the street from there, I can personally attest to that!

Now if the city someday builds a protected bike path on one of the bridges crossing US-131, it would be a beautiful thing!  Maybe with some of the parks millage money that just got approved... (One can hope!)

The path switches back from the bridge down to a parking lot

The bridge and the highway barrier wall extending into the distance

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