Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hiking Cowles Peak in San Diego

The hubby and I took a short vacation to San Diego this past week, and I thoroughly enjoyed a hike with our friend Megan up to Cowles Peak.

Trail Map
We took the Mesa trail up to Cowles mountain for a total of about 4 miles.

Fall Color on the Trail
Living in Michigan, I sometimes forget that hikes in the mountains can lead relentlessly up or down hill for miles.  But I love the challenge!  

Up, up, up!

Cowles peak was an easy to moderate hike offering some lovely views of the San Diego area and the Pacific ocean.  It was a great time!

Josh and Megan
From the Summit
Requisite selfie with me and the hubby

Less than 2 days left to fund DIVISION!

I'm so excited for my friend, Cat, as she nears the end of the KickStarter campaign for her film, Division!

Less than 2 days to go and she's so close!  Please check out her page and consider helping this project come to life.  What an amazing Thanksgiving that would be!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Moving Media Room


The hubby and I finally completed a project that we've been talking about for months now.  We turned one of our bedrooms into a moving media room!  In other words, we set up a movie and video game station in front of a treadmill and a bike on a trainer along with a bench, some hand weights, and some resistance bands.  Now we can exercise during the time that we would otherwise be sitting on our butts!

Bring it on, winter!  We're ready for you!

Yes, we still play games and run movies on our trusty original X-Box!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike Bridge over Division

The new bridge over Division and a gorgeous fall day!

A nice new bridge has been built on the Southbelt trail where it crosses Division Ave on the south side of M-6.  It looks like it has actually been there for a while, but last week was the first time I actually used it.  It's in a great place allowing cyclists and other trail users to cross a dangerous road.  A trail head parking lot was also built on the west side of the street for bike path users to congregate.  Sadly, the path does not extend any further and there is not even a sidewalk on that side of the street, so it doesn't go too far in connecting this portion of the Southbelt trail to the Kent trails.  But just having a safe road crossing for the youth who live in that area is a great thing.  Having been hit by a car just down the street from there, I can personally attest to that!

Now if the city someday builds a protected bike path on one of the bridges crossing US-131, it would be a beautiful thing!  Maybe with some of the parks millage money that just got approved... (One can hope!)

The path switches back from the bridge down to a parking lot

The bridge and the highway barrier wall extending into the distance