Monday, August 26, 2013

Grand Rapids Mud Run 2013

This weekend marked my 4th annual Grand Rapids Mud Run!  Unfortunately, the hubby was sick so he was not able to run with us, but my bestie, Cat, and our friend Jair represented our traditional team, and Jair's girlfriend, Ellie, rounded out the foursome.

Me and Cat Post-Mud

This year, the race was even bigger - unsurprising, as it grows every year.  They built a single-loop course instead of the two-looper of races past, which was fantastic.  I'm not sure if there were fewer obstacles than could just be that it felt smaller after doing the Tough Mudder, but there were some new, nicely built obstacles to conquer.

The footprint of the race start also expanded and was well organized.  Good packet pickup, good wave control, good showers.  With some big sponsors this year, it's clear that this is becoming a solid event.  I am excited to have a great run hosted only a couple miles from my house!  And with so many local businesses nearby, it was easy to find parking within a short walk of the race start.

If there is anything I could complain about regarding the GR Mud Run, it would be the t-shirt.  It's not bad, but it's just not very exciting.  I probably won't be wearing it around like I do some of my other race shirts.  But that's it.

I look forward to doing it again next year!


  • Me - 33:52
  • Cat - 33:52
  • Jair - 50:23
  • Ellie - 50:23
  • Eric (father-in-law) - 48:08
  • Helen (mother-in-law) - ?
  • Bruce - 41:34
  • Amy - 41:32

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