Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tough Mudder's Bonus Obstacle: Norovirus

You may have already seen this in the news, but many of the participants of last week's Tough Mudder in Michigan - including the hubby - faced a final, bonus obstacle - the norovirus!  

Somehow, this food-borne virus that causes your classic food poisoning symptoms got transmitted to 200 or more runners and spectators at the race.  The Michigan Department of Community Health is still investigating the source, but it could have been the sections of banana handed out during the run, the beer cups maybe, or perhaps a pool of water that got contaminated.  Norovirus does not live in the soil or water, but if something contaminated got into a pit of muddy water, who knows...  It can also be transmitted through physical contact with an infected individual.  With so many people crawling around, under, and over obstacles together, I can see that as a possibility, too.

The hubby is pretty susceptible to digestive tract ailments, so he got pretty sick - worthy of a quick ER trip for some IV fluids.  But he's feeling pretty much back to normal now.  I'm honestly glad I didn't catch it, too!  Can you imagine two people scrambling for the bathroom at the same time and eating nothing but crackers and applesauce for three days?  Yikes!

Our local news did a nicely put together story on the incident including interview footage of the hubby and clips from Team Mud Puppies' video taken by our teammate's boyfriend.  Check it out here!

And here is an update from a couple days later.

Despite the norovirus, I and everyone I have talked to would do the Tough Mudder again.  It was just so much fun that it is worth the risk.  I'll be back to earn another orange sweatband in the future!

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