Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Tough Mudder Michigan is fast approaching (June 29), and I feel totally unprepared!  Well, not totally...but not prepared enough.  I'm super excited about the event and I'm confident I'll complete it.  It's just that I'm not in shape for the run and I haven't really emulated the obstacles such as climbing over huge walls, monkey bars, etc.  I have run enough miles in my life that a 10-12 mile run over the course of the day does not scare me.  But seriously, I haven't run more than 8 miles in a week all season.  Yikes!

When I signed the hubby and me up for the race, I had a grand vision of getting into fantastic shape - running, weight lifting...the whole shebang.  And that has not happened.  No excuses really.  I've been busy and stressed, but I really could have made it happen if I had insisted upon it.  Oh, well...c'est la vie.  I'm still going to run the thing.  It's going to be more of a mental challenge for me anyway as I overcome obstacles that scare me (electricity, heights, icy water...).

The hubby, however, is worried.  He's afraid he'll get injured running.  He's nervous that he won't be able to get through some of the obstacles due to his size.  But he's a proactive guy and got us hooked up with a team called the Mud Puppies - a group of about half military folks and half fitness newbies.  If we can keep up with them, they will help my man get his bulk up and over walls and through tunnels.  I hope the army dudes are strong!  Go, team!

So, I've got two weeks to get in some intense training.  Will I do it?  We'll see!  Send your motivation vibes my way and wish me luck!

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