Friday, December 14, 2012

More Hiking at Folsom SRA

On Wednesday, I had another free day with the hubby at work, so I checked out some hiking trail on the east side of Lake Folsom starting at the Brown's Ravine trail head.

Trail Map of the southeast side of Lake Folsom
Brown's Ravine Trail Head
The park is generally pretty narrow in this area, squeezed between the shore and the expensive homes with a lake view.  The trail heading north from Brown's Ravine first passes by a marina - mostly storage this time of year - and then follows the shoreline as it weaves back and forth around inlet streams that feed the lake.

A stream running to the lake

A stream widens as it feeds into Lake Folsom
I followed the trail for several miles trying to ignore the private property fences encroaching on my illusion of wilderness, focusing instead on berries, squirrels, mushrooms, and the lake.

After about 4 miles, the trail opened up into a meadow overseen by quaint homes set on the surrounding hills.

Planks over a stream where the trail leads to a rolling meadow

Just before turning around, I passed behind a home with at least 5 dogs in the yard of all types large and small and with barks both bass and shrill.  What a cacophony my presence induced!

On the return hike to my car, the sun back lit the clouds creating a beautiful halo affect. I did not like this trail as much as that on the west side of the lake, but how can you not love sites like this?!  It was another great hike of about 10 miles.  I will miss this when I go home to snowy Michigan, but I know that more adventures await in the future!

GPS of one way of my hiking route

The happy hiker

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