Friday, August 31, 2012

Poison ivy

The hubby has developed a patch of poison ivy on this bedonkadonk after the Mud Run this past weekend.  I'm sure it was mixed into the stew that made up some of the mud pits in the woods.  I got a tiny bit of it, too.

Sad, but hilarious!

(Sorry, no pictures will be posted of the affected area.)  ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grand Rapids Mud Run 2012

The third installment of the Grand Rapids Mud Run was the best yet!  Approximately 6000 runners participated for a grand crowd of compatriots navigating the many obstacles and slipping into the deceptively deep mud pits.

The course was the best yet.  The organizers are doing a great job of improving upon their work  each year.  I also appreciated the early packet pickup at Gazelle Sports the day before the run.  I waited in line for an hour to get the packets for my whole team, but it was so nice not having to worry about it on race morning.

Unfortunately, our traditional team of four was one short, as Jair sprained his ankle playing dodge ball this year.  But the hubby, Cat, and I still represented on Team Awesome!

Also unfortunate is the fact that I don't have any photos of us at our dirtiest.  I'll check the race photography when it gets released and add to this post.  But for now, here we after all the walls, tunnels, crawls, slides, pits, hills, slips, splats...and then a shower.

We asked a couple of people in the parking lot to take this picture, and they invited us to join their post-race tailgate.  How cool is that?!  They shared their beer and snacks with us, and we ended up hanging out for another hour after the race.

We will definitely be back next year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trail run

Just a simple trail run at Ken-O-Sha park after work yesterday. The cool air on my skin and the green trees all around me felt wonderful. I even found some kind of strange species in the undergrowth. It's probably some kind of fungus, but it looks like an alien egg.

Trail running really is one of my favorite things in the world to do.

The crazy looking alien eggs are indeed a fungus.  They're called giant puffballs.  How appropriate!  They grow in the late summer to early fall and can get up to 3 feet in diameter.  They are also edible until they start to spore, which you can tell by cutting them open and seeing if they are turning brown on the inside.  If they are pure white, you can eat them.  The hubby and I tried some, and it tasted much like your standard grocery store white mushroom, only softer.  Tracking them down again and giving them a try was a cool, geek-tastic, biology adventure!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Color Run Grand Rapids Report

Cute Couple

Today was the first Color Run in Grand Rapids, and I must say it was marvelously organized. Two days of packet pickup before race morning made the lines very manageable for those from out of town.

Crowds in White Walking to the Run

Race headquarters was held at Calder Plaza downtown. Throngs of people in white and often colorful tutus converged on the plaza. I hear that there were 10,000 of us in attendance.

Calder Plaza

Before the run, we got warmed up to the party music and met up with my long time friend Brenda and her pal for some pre-race photos. Then we jumped into the starting line fray.

The Before Shot

Runners were released in waves of about 1000. Even with that spreading out, the crowds remained dense on such a short course (5k). It felt like the Chicago Marathon only with more dedicated walkers.

Starting Line Area

Soon we hit the first kilometer and thus the first color station. Race workers squirted us with color powder out of plastic bottles - one color at each of four stations. I was a little disappointed in the amount of color that I got hit with, but it turns out I kept running through the low-color sections. Oops!

After the Run...But More Color to Come

I needn't have fretted though. After crossing the un-timed finish line, we waded into the crowd of finishers for a mass color toss. Together, each runner threw our very own packet of color in the air creating a huge rainbow cloud and showering everyone in new hues.

The Aftermath of a Color Toss

My Braveheart

The hubby and I acquired some extra packets of color ensuring a thorough dousing for all around us. What a blast! I hope the event returns next year.

The After Shot

After meeting up with our friends again, we walked to a BK for some food. I feel bad for all of the coffee shops and restaurants in town. Their staff will be wiping color off of their booths and bathrooms for days!