Monday, June 4, 2012

The usual

I wish I had something more exciting to write about, but honestly, it's been pretty usual in the fitness arena lately.  The hubby and I continue to run together.  He's doing short - but increasing - distances.  We always race each other in the last 100 meters or so.  He is so fast in the sprint!  I haven't beat him yet, but I will some day.  I also throw in the occasional longer run on my own, because I really want to keep my endurance up.  I ran a 5.75 mile route yesterday and was quite pleased to have turned out a 8:57 average pace.  I know I can run faster, but for my current low level of training, I'm happy with that.

We're also doing 2 different kickball leagues this year, which fills up the week nights pretty fast.  Even so, we fit in a match of tennis, a round of Frisbee golf, or a bike ride when we can.

This Friday, we'll be welcoming a crew to replace our roof.  It's not an expense that we want to deal with right now, but we have no choice.  The roof has been needing an update, but it's not leaking, so we've been holding off.  Then I changed us to a new auto/homeowners insurance company a few weeks ago in order to save a ton of cash each year.  Unfortunately, the insurance is requiring us to do the roof, so my change won't actually save us any money for about 5 years.  LOL!  Oh well!

So as the summer rolls in and the days are beautiful here in Michigan, I'm loving the time outside. Welcome June!

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