Monday, June 11, 2012

Plaster Creek Trails

A lot of work has been done lately on the trail system around Plaster Creek near the Ken-O-Sha school.  The paved bike path is always well maintained, and the dirt trails have been improved.  They are easier to follow and flow in a more natural way than they used to.  The hubby and I enjoy riding our bikes and running through this area.

I did a run on my own last week taking the paved path from the school parking lot to its end west of Eastern.  Here, I continued on the dirt paths then turned back.  I could have run up to 28th Street and continued on the path across the street, but I wasn't looking for that kind of distance this week.  On the return trip, I veered off the paved path for a short time back into the woods.  My route did not touch most of the trails that weave through on both sides of the creek, but I was ready to be done.  This is a lovely place to run in the woods in the middle of urban suburbia.  I love parks!

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