Friday, May 25, 2012

The hubby's new shoes

The hubby bought a new pair of running shoes a little over a month ago.  A few runs into wearing them, his feet and legs started hurting every time he wore them.  This was strange, because the sales person at Gazelle Sports sold him some Brooks Defy's which were supposed to be great shoes for an underpronator along with some extra inserts for more cushion.  He's never had pain running before.

So we did a little online research, and it looks like the Defy is not for underpronators at all.  Several sources including the Brooks website and the Runners World Shoe Finder confirm.  The hubby also tried taking the extra inserts out of the shoes, and they hurt somewhat less but were still causing him pain.

So last night, we took the shoes back to Gazelle.  The hubby has used them for a month and a half (at low mileage, but still that's beyond the normal return period).  We explained what happened and the pain that he is experiencing and asked to do an exchange for a pair of shoes that he can wear.  He is so pumped right now to exercise...I really want him to be able to run comfortably.

The manager and two sales people at the desk all insisted that the Defy is a good underpronator shoe.  Whether it is or it isn't, they are causing him pain, so we didn't argue when they offered to take the hubby back to try some different pairs.  Off to the shoe racks we went.

The manager helped us out himself.  He went through the whole routine watching the hubby walk back and forth, assessing his foot falls, and bringing out several models to try on.  Of interest, it looks like the hubby lands on his toes when he runs.  Such an unusual underpronator and a toe striker!  All of the shoe models felt comfortable and more cushioned than the Defy's, though it's so hard to tell without really running in them.  In the end, the hubby settled on the Nike Air Pegasus, which I think is cool because I'm currently wearing the Nick Vomero, which is the next step up in the same line.  I described how it feels like each foot sits in a little shoe hammock, and the hubby agreed.

I hope these shoes work out for him.  If they don't, we'll do an exchange again.  If the shoes don't solve his pain issues, then it may be an injury or change in his body that we didn't know about.  Maybe something resulting from his previous back injury.  Only a doctor could tell, and he'll go to one if this doesn't resolve.

So right now, I'm not super confident in Gazelle when it comes to selecting the right shoe for every runner.  They have done well for me in the past, but this thing with the hubby is weird.  However, they did treat us right in the customer service arena.  They exchanged a $95 pair of new shoes for the $105 old ones (I'll gladly let them have the $10 difference for letting us do the exchange after the normal return limit) and refunded us for the $45 inserts that we no longer wanted.  At the end of the day, I'm happy and hopeful that the new shoes will be just what the hubby needs.

I'm ready for more running with my man!

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  1. Sorry you had the trouble with the wrong equipment suggestion, but I love to hear good stories about customer service. It's becoming more of a lost art these days. Hope the Nikes treat you both well.