Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take this fork back or your intestines will fall out...

Just kidding.  But a fork recall and some abandoned guts are both subjects of this post.

First of all, my mom sent me this notice for a recall of the SR Suntour Suspension Fork used on some GT, Giant, and Trek bikes.  There have been several reports of these forks breaking causing riders to fall and sustain injuries.  If you own a bike with this fork, you can bring it to a bike shop for free repairs.  See the article for full details.

On the subject of guts...  I went out for a 7 mile run today and sort of explored the area around my hotel.  It was a perfect 55 degree, sunny day!  I went to the park with the lake that I have been doing my speed work around these last 2 weeks to try to get pictures of the turtles there.  Unfortunately, the grounds crew was cutting the grass, and the turtles were all hiding in the water.  I'll have to go back tomorrow to try to see them again.

Then, I went to another park near the police station that is home to several baseball diamonds.  There is a nice paved path weaving around the fields.  As I was running along, I noticed a small pile of guts lying on the path.  A perfect little packet of stomach, intestines, liver, etc.  Everything was where it should be - just like a picture in an anatomy book.  There was no blood or gore anywhere around it - and no other body parts, fur, bones...nothing.  It was like some very particular fox caught a squirrel and proceeded to meticulously remove its organs before taking the rest home for dinner.  It was so strange to see these lost guts lying there on the bike path!  I'll have to see if those are still there tomorrow, too.  More likely something will eat them by then.

So far this week:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Run 3 miles from hotel to park.  Do 2x2:00, 2x3:00, 2x4:00 aerobic intervals around the lake.  Run 1.25 back to hotel.  Total distance about 7.5 miles (or maybe a little more).  
Total time 1:10:43.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Run 7 miles including 4x2:00 AI's, 6 strides
Total time 57:12.  Avg mile 8:10 (if my app was indeed accurate on the time)
Perfect cool, sunny day for a run!

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