Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes running hurts

I did my long run yesterday – 12 miles.  After the incredible, fast paced 10-miler I ran with Cat last weekend, which felt so good, I wanted to test myself and see if I could keep a fast pace for 12 miles.  I started off strong but suffered later on.  By the end of the run, I was really unhappy.  I was tired, my feet hurt, and my stomach was cramping.  But I kept running, however slowly.  I guess it was the magic of running with a friend that made last weekend so great.

But in comparison to other long runs recently, I didn’t do badly.  I ran an average 9:10 mile.  My goal has been to run the trail half in 2 hours.  That would be approximately 9 minute miles, so I’m still a bit slow.  I can’t even hit 9 minute miles for a long effort on the road yet, let alone the trails.  I’m starting to think that I didn't give myself enough time to adequately train for that speed.  The distance…no problem.  The speed…I’m not so sure.

On the positive side, I logged this run on Map My Ride, and I noticed that the last time I ran this same 12-mile route was during my marathon training plan, and I ran it 5 minutes faster this time.  So that’s progress!

I have a month of training time left before the race.  With 2 months, I am confident that I could hit my goal pace.  Instead, I may revise my goal.  I still want to challenge myself, but I want to be realistic.  And as I said in my post about flexibility, I will have alternate goals in case the universe is just against me on race day – like enjoying the woods, or maybe an age group placement. 
It’s all about fitness and having fun.  

The numbers help mark accomplishments, but they are not the only things from which to derive satisfaction.

Rest of this week:

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Long run - 12 miles.  Started out fast and suffered in the end.  Total time 1:50:30.  Avg mile 9:10.

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