Sunday, April 8, 2012

Final Love to ASCG

I went for an easy run today at the Anne Springs Close Greenway.  I'm so sad that this may have been my last time on these trails.  Unless I get my butt up early during this next week to drive there for a run before my work shifts, I may have made my last visit.  I really like it out there, and I will remember it fondly.  

I regret not getting pictures of all the landmarks that have become milestones to me, like the old mill and the "trail" that my co-worker and I got lost on (it turned out to be more of a dry drainage bed than a trail).  It would have been cool to have my mountain bike with me for one of these trips, so I could enjoy the trails that way, too.

So, to share my love of the ASCG, here are a few more pics that I took today.

Hey there, old guy!

Lake Haigler


Thank you, ASCG for a great time out in nature!  

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