Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arnold Sports Festival - Part 4 - Figure International

The Figure International competition at the Arnold Sports Festival is the least focused on muscle mass and most on feminine (but still fit) figure. The contestants strut their stuff on stage in bikinis and try to be the most lean, proportioned, and beautiful woman in the bunch.

Winner, Nicole Wilkins, of Sterling Heights, MI with Arnold

But don’t sell them short! When Arnold congratulated the 5th time winner, Nicole Wilkins of Sterling Heights, MI, he asked her what she did to continue improving as a competitor. Her reply was that it’s 80% nutrition – oh, the discipline! – and that she increased her workouts from 5 hours per day to 6 this year. Six hours per day for the least bulky competition? Oh. My. Gosh.  Let it not be said that these women don't work hard in their sport.

Top 6 from left to right:
Heather Dees (5th place), Candice Keene (3rd place), Erin Stern (2nd place), Nicole Wilkins (1st place), Ava Cowen (4th place), Teresa Anthony (6th place)

After the show was all over, the hubby and I walked downtown for some dinner stopping long enough to pull a “Kids in the Hall” shot in front of the Columbus City Hall.

“I’m crushing your head, Christopher Columbus! Crush! Crush!”


On a training note, I got to run on the sweet trails of the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, SC yesterday.  I did a run-intervals-run workout that took me through the woods to an old railroad trestle and a former mill.  I'm not sure of the exact distance because I don't believe that the map is to scale.  But I'm guessing I ran around 6 miles total.  It was super fun, but it was tiring.  I felt wiped afterward.  So, I don't think I'm ready yet for the trail half, but I have to remind myself that I still have some weeks of training to go.  But as always, the run confirmed one thing...I love trail running!

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