Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sometimes the plan

The hubby is in week 2 of 3 of his tonsillectomy recovery and is still in a lot of pain, but yesterday was the first day that he didn't feel worse.  Yah!  Of course, that could be because he started taking a stronger pain med.  Either way...small victories!

Early this last week, the sore throat that I had two weeks ago started coming back.  Exact same symptoms.  Oh, no you don't!  No tonsillectomy for me!  So I went to the doctor, and she tested me out.  It's just a virus.  Thank goodness.  And I'm feeling great now, but I took the whole week off from running between wanting to be sure I get better and taking care of the hubby.

A whole week of my training plan skipped.  Oh, well.  I'm going out for a run today.  I don't care that it's cold and the ground is icy.  I've got spikes for my shoes.  I'm going, darn it!  I need a run!

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