Friday, February 3, 2012

Post-Op Pizza? No no no no no!

The hubby's tonsillectomy went really well yesterday!  No problems during the procedure.  He wasn't even groggy when he woke up.  He did thrash and bite his tongue due to a bad dream, but the nurses woke him up and he was fully coherent right away.  Kind of a bummer, since I was ready with the video camera to capture some post-operative gold.  ;)

His throat hurts, of course, and he had trouble sleeping last night due to mucus and saliva collecting in this throat and making him feel like he was choking.  But overall, he's doing well.  The worst part of recovery will be in about a week when the scabs come off the wounds.

And though his tonsils are now gone, his love of pizza is still intact, as you can see from this post-procedure video.  "Pizza" was his first word as a baby.  Some things never change!

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