Friday, January 20, 2012

Off hand throw

Last night was the second week of our dodge ball league. My sprained right thumb from last week’s game is still healing, so I taped and wrapped it and played using my left hand.

What a spectacle! I was useless with my off hand. My throws either shot off in a direction that I was not aiming or fell limply to the floor six feet in front of me. I think the opposing team took pity, because after creaming us for 20 games, we spent the rest of our hour playing rounds of non-standard configuration such as all women and all men. One such configuration was throwing with your off hand only. I didn’t feel so awkward then!

From what I read online, a sprained thumb takes 2-3 weeks of immobility and a couple more weeks of gentle stretching to fully heal. Mine feels better every day. I’ve kept it wrapped to protect it. The swelling is gone and the bruising is fading. I still feel a little twinge of pain if I jerk the thumb the wrong way, but it’s not bad. I’m confident in a quick and full recovery. In the meantime, my left hand is learning to do many things that it could not do before.

About the time that I regain use of my right thumb, the hubby will be getting his tonsils out. So I’m going to need full hand functionality to run our blender. I’ve threatened to make spaghetti smoothies. Sounds delicious, right?! LOL

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