Monday, January 9, 2012

Hike at Stanaback Park

I’ve been looking forward to doing some snowshoeing, but this winter has been so mild so far that we haven’t had much snow. There is no snow on the ground right now at all! I’m certainly not complaining. In fact, instead of snowshoeing, the hubby, our friend, and I headed over to our traditional snowshoe spot yesterday for a hike instead.

The park where we stomped around is a nice wooded area with tons of hills and a quaint little creek running through it. We hiked around one side and then followed the river back to one of the bordering roads – I’m guessing about 5 miles in all.

I expected the ground to be pretty muddy, so I took my poles with me for a little extra digging in. It ended up being pretty solid, but I still appreciated having the poles for extra leverage. And they made good balancing sticks when I crossed the creek on a fallen log.

I’m in no rush for the snow. It will get here soon enough. So in the meantime, I’m happy to take advantage of the clear sidewalks and trails.

How has winter been in your areas?

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