Friday, January 13, 2012

Dodgeball League

The hubby, my friend, Cat, and I joined an adult dodgeball league with the Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club.  Our first game was last night.  What a blast!  Much like kickball, dodgeball is so much more fun as an adult than it was as a kid in gym class.

We played one of the best teams in the league and got our butts handed to us, but they had such a positive attitude, that it was still a great time.  After the games, the club goes out to a local bar for cheap beer and food.  There are about 400 people signed up for the league right now.  Wow!  We met so many new people, and even learned a new drinking game.  Fun stuff!

I did, however, sustain a minor dodgeball injury.  One of the guys threw a ball at me pretty hard, and I was able to block it with the ball in my hand.  Unfortunately, in the process, I bent my thumb back really hard.  It hurt immediately, and I dropped the ball.  I was out.  But the guy who hit me was super sweet, and made sure I was OK after the game ended.

My thumb is all swollen and starting to turn purple, but I'm sure it will be fine in a couple days.  For now, I'm trying to train myself to hit the Space Bar with the other hand.  Crazy hard to do!  LOL!

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