Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Recovery News: Pseudo Shoe Review

First, I am very excited to report that I have purchased a new pair of running shoes and so far I love them.  Number 1 reason...they don't damage my toes.  Yaaaaaah!  No more runners toe!  I got a half size larger than my last pair in a brand that I don't usually buy and made sure there was lots of room in the toes.

The thing is, so far, these are all around really comfortable running shoes!  When I was trying on pair after pair of shoes at the store, I asked the sales girl about the model - Nike Vomero 6.  I'm told this is the top of the line Nike running shoe.  She was wearing them.  The first thing she said was that these are her very favorite running shoes of all time.  The down side...they are at the high end of price at $130 and they wear out quickly.  She put 3 or 4 months at 20 miles a week on them and the bottoms were already worn half way up the treads.

At this point, I just want a quality shoe that is going to do my feet right.  I'm despirate.  I tried the next model down - the Pegasus - in case I could get nearly the same quality for a lower price, but the Pegasus has the lower model insole and it is not as comfortable as the Vomero.  So, I'm thinking it'll be worth it to wear these more expensive shoes through the winter months and maybe have to buy another pair in the spring.  I don't care.  They feel good.  And no blisters or bruised toenails.

Despiration has overcome Dutchness.

On a totally different topic, the Iceman Cometh Challenge was this past weekend.  I did not ride in the race this year, but I think I did benefit from the event.  I went riding on Saturday at Luton Park and it was half as busy as I expected on a sunny, fall day.  I'm thinking that most of the area mountain bike riders were up in Traverse City for the Iceman.  I have no proof, but that's the story I'm going with.

It was a great ride, and I hope we have several more weekends of dry weather before the snow comes.  I want to get some more riding in now that the marathon is over.  After that, I'm looking forward to some snowshoeing again this year!

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my friends Cat and Melissa who ran the Hot Chocolate Race in Chicago this weekend.  They are just too cute not to share in their chocolate themed costumes.  I will have to do this next year!

Cat and Melissa at the Chicago Hot Chocolate Race


  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks for the callout Missy. :-)

  2. That hot chocolate race looks like so much fun! It must be hard to run in that cow costume though haha.

  3. After running really hard and my feet hurting so bad I could barely walk for a week, I invested in a pair of $100 Asics that have just been heaven to run in, no matter how hard I run. Then again, I'm no marathon runner, so when I say mine aren't worn out after a year of wear, it might not mean as much.