Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annie and Tibbers

The hubby and I planned, made, and rocked elaborate Halloween costumes this year.  Last night was our adventure in downtown Grand Rapids!

We went as Annie the Dark Child and her demonic teddy bear, Tibbers - characters from the video game League of Legends.

Annie and Tibbers

The costumes took months to put together.  My co-worker and I made my dress from scratch, and I cut and styled a long wig to match Annie's look.  But my costume was easy compared to the hubby's. 

Cutting and Styling the Wig

I built the head and paws of the bear myself over hours and hours of evenings and weekends, and the hubby designed and made the body of the bear.  We were drowning in craftiness...and loose fuzz from the many yards of fur fabric!  The Tibbers costume ended up weighing a ton and was about 120 degrees inside even out in 30 degree weather.

Putting Fur on the Head

Wire and Fur Ears

Aftermath of the Build

Why am I posting about this on a primarily athletic related blog?  Aside from the geeky coolness of these costumes that I just had to show off, the hubby said that I could call this cross training.  With the work he did to walk around town in that costume, he's right!

Everyone loves to hug a teddy bear...even an evil one!


  1. Woah!!!! Fantastic work. I thought it got hot cycling around in our grim reaper family costumes, I can't imagine how hot he must have been :)

  2. I'd love to get a detailed explaination of how you made the tibbers costume, particularly the head and hands. Do you feel like sharing?

  3. Sure! I built the paws using a pair of hulk hands as the base. Then I covered them with a thick layer of spray foam and carved the shape of the paws with a small saw and a sanding tool. I covered them with the fur fabric. Then I carved the claws out of plant arrangement foam and coated them in rubber and then paint. They were attached with velcro.

    The head was started on a football helmet. I cut pieces out of a matress foam pad and glued them to the helmet to achieve the shape of the head. I used two football chin straps for the cheeks. I cut the eye covers out of plastic ornaments and painted the helmet and foam behind them. Then I pushed the lights from two halloween decorations through the vents in the helmet to light the eyes. I carved the nose and teeth out of plant foam and painted them. I built the chin out of wire and foam and covered the mouth hole with black screen. The teeth are glued to the screen. The ears are shaped out of wire. Finally, I covered it all in fur fabric.

    The paws and head were the most time consuming part of the costume but creatively fun! Good luck!

  4. Love it! My short friend and I are totally going to an anime convention in march. Your creativity is awesome!! :)