Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dirty Dog Dash Pics

It took me a while to post these, but thanks to my mom for taking pictures at the race.  And a super big thanks for going through all the hastle to email them to me!  Love you, Mom!

Registration as we wait in line behind a team of lumber jacks in cut off denim shorts.  Hot.

The hubby and I at the starting line ready for the race to begin.  Notice that we are clean.  Also notice that our "Team Awesome" and "Team Not So Awesome" shirts are looking less and less white after subsequent mud runs.

On the run in the woods!  That's us back in there coming up on the mud pit.

Into the mud we go!  This was the largest concentration of mud that we saw during the whole race, and it was right at the end.  So sad.  But we did get to hurdle a flaming log.  Nice.

The hubby and I after the race.  Notice that we are wet but still mostly clean.  So sad.  But bonus points for the cool band they had playing at the end of the race and also for the free cup of beer.  Deduction of points for the bad pours they got from the kegs.  Foamy beer in styrofoam cups.  What?!?

Also room for improvement for next year: this was the cleanup facility.  Yes...that's a dribbly hose.  A single, dribbly hose.  But since we didn't get that dirty, no big deal right? ;)

While there was room for improvement at the first ever Dirty Dog Dash: Hell Survivors edition, it was a great trail run and a lot of fun.  Offering the Groupon for half off registration was a brilliant move.  I hope they do that again next year!  *wink hint hint wink*

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