Monday, August 1, 2011

On a Mud Run Kick

The hubby and I are on a mud run kick right now.  Last year we did two and sort of fell in love with them.  Obstacles on a 3-mile trail run?  Mud?  Beer?  Food?  Music?  Even non-runners love these races!

We just completed the Warrior Dash in Flint, MI this weekend.  We are Warriors!  It was a great day out there.  Not as muddy as the Warrior Dash in Joliet, IL last year (which was hilarious and downright epic), but still a fun time.  Our friend Jair ran, too, and he did great!  All the mountain biking he has started doing this year has really helped his fitness.

We are also planning to do the second annual Grand Rapids Mud Run on August 27.  It's just a few miles from our house, which is super convenient.  The course last year was a little bit disappointing since you had to run the loop twice.  But we'll just see how they improve upon their first attempt this time around!

And I'm trying to sign up for the Dirty Dog Dash: Hell Survivors run on September 17 (my mom's birthday!) in Pinckney, MI.  There's a Groupon for half off the entry fee.  What a great registration deal!  If you can do the race, you should jump on that Groupon.

Some day I'd like to grab a partner and do a Muddy Buddy.  These are events for teams of two who alternate mountain biking and running over a 6-mile course.

And finally, the hubby and I are considering doing the Tough Mudder next April.  This is the utimate in mud runs with more challenging obstacles over a 10-12 mile run.  As their website says, this is less of a race and more of a challenge just to complete the entire course.  It sounds wet, cold, hard, and awesome.  I'm so in.

These are great events that appeal to a wide range of runners of all ability levels - especially adults (since most serve alcohol and involve obstacles that could be difficult for small kids).  And if you like dressing up in costume for running events, this is a great place to show off your style.

See you in the mud!

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  1. My cousin did the tough Mudder in Vermont this spring. The temperature of the "water" in some of the obstacles was as high as 38 degrees! He's invited me to try it with him next year. Boy, I don't know . . .