Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Refuge Freeride Mountain Bike Park - Video

This weekend, the hubby and I and a crew of our friends checked out The Refuge - a freeride park in Fremont, MI.  The trails near the entrance were a bit overgrown with some thorny bushes, but once we got deeper into the woods, it was wild!

The Refuge is an amusement park of well-built bike stunts designed for riders of a high skill level.  We only tried some of the less intimidating obstacles - a pump track, some raised platforms, a teeter-totter, some stepped ramps...for we are not riders of a high skill level.  But many more stunts were break-your-neck scary!  Not for the timid or noob mountain biker!  That said, this park is awesome.

It's a good thing we were smart enough to stick to the stunts that we did judging by the bruises and scrapes that we came away with.  I've got a couple nice purple streaks up the back of my leg from falling off a 4-foot high platform after stalling out on the way up the ramp.  At least I wasn't on the 10-foot high rollers or the jump that dropped into a valley below.  Wow.

I may not have ridden too many obstacles myself, but I did take some video of my friends attempting them.  Below is my first try at editing a video with the FlipShare software.  Definitely room for improvement, but a fun video to watch.  (By the way, the guy in red is the hubby!)

I hope you enjoy the crashes. ;)

Music: "Right Now" by SR71

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