Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Antsy to move

How is it that I can run 12 miles on the weekend like it’s nothing, and then a few days later a 3 mile run feels so hard?

Also, I have read that when people train hard for an event and start their taper in the weeks before the race, they feel antsy like they are not doing enough physical activity. I’m not in a taper yet, but I’ve been training for the marathon for about 3 months now running or mountain biking most days of the week. Now on the days that I don’t exercise, I have the urge to go run. My body has gotten used to being consistently active. It doesn’t feel right when I’m not.

I was talking about this with the hubby last night, and he is experiencing the same feeling right now. I’m stoked for him. He’s gotten into the habit of exercise, and he’s in the best shape he’s been in in years. I really hope I can help him keep up the pace. His doctor’s going to love it. And I love having a partner who is into the things I do.

The hubby actually proposed doing the Tough Mudder together in the spring. This race looks intense! It’s a lot like a Warrior Dash (coming up on the 30th in Flint, MI by the way!) with more challenging obstacles…and it’s 10-12 miles long! That’s right…the hubby proposed doing a run together that is 10-12 miles long. Oh. My. Gosh. Yes. The race looks cold, wet, scary, and hard. But I’m so in.

It’s a strange experience having that antsy desire to be active every day and also have the days that feel like you’re dragging your lead weight of a body down the road when you finally get out there. I’m excited now to have the Tough Mudder in mind for the spring. It will motivate the hubby and I to maintain our fitness during the winter, which can be so hard to do in the long, cold, grey season of death here in Michigan. I may have to drag my body out into the snow, but it’ll be so worth it.

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