Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Dancing

The hubby and I have been taking social dancing lessons - Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, and other ballroom styles.  It has been a blast!  One of the things I like about the studio that we're going to is that they show you how you can do these traditional dance steps to modern music.  This stuff isn't just good for weddings and formals.  We can do it at clubs, too!

Sadly, we found out last night that our personal coach is moving on to a new opportunity, so he will not be teaching us again.  Next week, we will start with a new coach.

In addition to dancing last night, I commuted to work by bike and ran to the mechanic's shop to pick up my car.  It was an active day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Biking 7.2 miles
Running 2.6 miles
The run felt cruddy.  You have good days, and you have bad days.  It was still cool to run with the hubby.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bicycling in Grand Rapids Meeting Wednesday

Coming up from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday night at the Wealthy Theater, there will be a meeting to discuss efforts to make the city of Grand Rapids more bicycle friendly.  It will begin with a ride to the theater that starts at Founders Brewing at 6:30pm.

For full details, see the article here.

I also postponed my long run this weekend until Monday so I could go mountain biking with friends at Cannonsburg State Game Area on Sunday.  It was great!  I fell over once in a thorn bush, which was kind of hilarious.

Then I successfully ran 9.7 miles last night.  It was supposed to be a 10 mile run, but my route turned out to be a little short.  I was still proud of myself, though.  The last couple miles were largely up hill.  I ran the entire distance and felt much better than my first truly long run a few weeks ago.  I am slowly getting stronger.

Sunday, June 265, 2011
Mountain Biking
12 miles at Cannonsburg SGA and Plaster Creek

Monday, June 27, 2011
Long Run
9.7 miles (9:53 mile pace)

Friday, June 24, 2011

+3 Network

I just signed up for the +3 Network as a member of Team Fatty (the Fat Cyclist's team)!  What is the +3 Network, you ask? 

Basically, you sign up and designate a charity that you want to support (in this case, Team Fatty is moving for World Bicycle Relief).  Then, whenever you exercise, you log your activity on the site and earn money that is donated directly to your selected charity.  If you use a GPS enabled device to track your runs/bikes/hikes/etc., you can upload the information automatically.  All kinds of activities count - even things like P90X, yoga, and injury rehabilitation exercises.

It costs you nothing.  So, if you're doing the exercise anyway, why not let it count for something more? 

Are you training for a race?  Commuting to work by bike everyday?  Just working to get into better shape?  I encourage you to sign up and log those workouts.

For step-by-step details on how to sign up for the +3 Network as a member of Team Fatty (or just on your own), Fatty's post (link here) is great.

Thursday, June 23, 2011
3 Mile Short Run

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exploring new paths

I've gotten two runs in this week while I'm working out in California.  That's a record!  If I run tonight, too, I just don't know how I'll cope! ;)

I always find it fun to explore new areas on my runs and bike rides.  I usually plan out a route when I'm training for a particular distance or time.  But sometimes I just go out for a run and let myself take that little path that I ran by last week or go down that cute street with the flowers along the walk.

My run last night was kind of like that.  Not only did I run in an unfamiliar town, but I deviated from the one bike path that I know and let myself roam where the sunshine led me.  It feels so freeing to do that sometimes.  I enjoyed the fragrant bushes as I ran up a quaint neighborhood street.  I passed kids learning to play soccer as I circled a local park.  I learned that the corner grocery store is out of business.

The hubby back home has been doing some exploring of his own.  He and a friend took off on mountain bikes a couple days ago and let themselves wander down barely-there paths in the woods.  They returned home with muddy bikes and itchy legs, but they are eager to go back and go farther.  I can't wait to join them when I get home!

Thank goodness for letting go of expectations and just running free.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Short Run
3 Miles

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
30 minutes Fartleks plus 10 minutes easy
4.3 Miles total

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The miles are getting long!

My job has been super busy, and I'm travelling in California again this week, but I've been able to get a little more consistent with my running plan.  I've been doing a workout at least 3 or 4 times a week plus taking social dancing lessons with the hubby.  So fun!

My long run coming up this weekend is 10 miles.  The long runs have been hard for me.  I feel the lack of a mileage base that I'm working with right now.  But I'll keep pushing forward and getting stronger (I hope!).  In a few weeks, I'll surpass my longest run ever (a half marathon), which is totally crazy to me.

I also feel the effects of being lazy about my hip exercises.  It doesn't feel as weak as it did before I did PT, but my hip flexors and IT band on my right side get pretty tight sometimes.  I need to be better about taking the time to care for that.

On a blogger note, I just enabled the cool new mobile device version of this blog, so you can now choose to view Cyclin' Missy in the web or mobile version on your phone.  Cool!