Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remember...this is supposed to be fun!

Last night I did my scheduled training run – just a short 2 miles with warm up and cool down – 2.5 miles total. But it was one of those runs that felt terrible. I don’t know if my body was tired from mountain biking Tuesday night or if I just didn’t have any gas in the tank (I was super hungry right after work). But those days happen sometimes.

This is the last easy week I’ll have for a long time. Training will just continue to ramp up throughout the summer and into the fall until race day on October 9. I’m a little nervous about such a long training period. I’m nervous that I’ll go biking when I should be running, and I won’t be ready for a marathon. But this is something I’m committed to doing this year, and I will do the marathon no matter how slow. I’m not planning to aim for a fast time – just to enjoy the experience. So I should worry less this early in the game and remember to enjoy the summer.

2.5 miles total
Warm up, 2 miles at moderate effort, cool down

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