Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm not a doper

It’s good to be sore.

On Friday night, the hubby and I did the P90X legs and back workout. This thing is an hour of alternating leg exercises and pull ups. It was hard! I knew I’d be sore the next day, but I was determined to go with some coworkers Saturday morning for a mountain bike ride on my favorite trail, which finally opened up for riding this week. So with sore quads and gluts, the hubby and I bravely rode Luton Park on Saturday. Our legs were fried after just once around the loop, but it was so worth it.

Sunday, the rest of the sore muscles started showing up. It was kind of funny. This week sometime the hubby made a comment that you know someone is taking steroids if the muscle along the side of their back is big. It’s a muscle that doesn’t generally get developed without steroids because it’s hard to isolate in a workout. But apparently we do use this muscle when doing pull ups, because mine are sore. And no, I’ve never taken any kind of performance enhancing drugs. LOL!

Though it’s hilarious to wince like an 80 year old when I stand up from the couch, I kind of enjoy a certain level of muscle soreness. I feel like I’ve done something to get stronger.

And the timing of feeling stronger is good because this week I start my mildly intimidating, 26-week marathon training plan. Though I have a running schedule laid out that should prepare me for the 26.2 in October, my goal is to remain flexible enough to ride my bike when I feel like it or take a few days off when I’m getting burned out and not obsess over doing every workout on the schedule.

Ready, set, go! The journey to my first marathon now begins!

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