Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hip update and first MTB ride!

Last week I completed my prescribed sessions of physical therapy for my hip. I can definitely say that it’s better. It feels stronger and doesn’t hurt in some of the situations that it used to.

It’s not perfect yet, so I’ll continue to do my exercises and stretches at home. After another month or so, if I’m still having problems, I’ll check back in with the PT to look for the remaining missing pieces to my hip rehab.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing short runs with the hubby a few times a week. Even though he hates running, we’ve been having fun working out together. I love that, and I hope he’ll continue to run and ride with me when I start marathon training in a couple weeks.

And last night we even went for our first mountain bike ride of the season!

It was so cute! The hubby was all excited about these trails that he found while out for a walk with his buddy. He took me to the trail entrance that he found tucked behind a Valvoline and a Burger King. Funny thing is, I realized as soon as we arrived that I’d ridden these trails before. It was part of the Plaster Creek system! Only I usually enter the park from the other end near our house. It was fun and satisfying to explore all the different loops and off shoots of these familiar trails with the hubby for the first time.

After that, the hubby did succeed in introducing me to a new section of paved bike path northwest of the Plaster Creek trails. We didn’t ride the path all the way to the end, but I think it might head up toward the Grand Rapids Bike Park. I will definitely have to explore that area this summer!

So temperatures are starting to rise and despite the April showers, trails are starting to dry out. I am SO ready to take spring and run with it (pun intended)! ;)

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