Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little P90X

Over the weekend, a friend brought over his P90X videos for the hubby and I to try out with him. We did a fighting workout on Saturday, yoga on Sunday, and then went running on Monday.

I have definitely been a little sore, but not too bad! The P90X workouts are challenging and fun. I’m eager to try out some of the weights oriented videos to see how they go.

As I look ahead to my fast approaching marathon training period, I think I’ll add some P90X as a cross training option along with road and mountain biking, tennis…whatever I can fit in.

The only down side to doing exercise videos with my hubby in our basement, is that he’s so tall he can’t lift his arms all the way over his head – let alone jump – without hitting the ceiling. Hmm. Maybe we can set up a DVD player in the garage when it gets warmer out. Ha! What a show for the neighbors that will be!


  1. Cross training is also a good exercise apart from running.

  2. @buy vega - Absolutely! Mountain biking in the summer and P90X this winter will be my main cross training activities.