Tuesday, February 8, 2011

50 in 5

According to a Grand Rapids Press article this past weekend (see the article here), the Michigan Mountain Biking Association is planning to build 50 new miles of single-track in the next 5 years in Grand Rapids. This initiative will include new trails within the city (rather than on the outskirts) and routes connecting existing trail systems.

“The Grand Loop” is planned to connect the Grand Rapids Mountain Bike Park with four other city parks where trails will be built. One of the potential locations on the loop is Ken-O-Sha Park near my house. It would be awesome to be able to ride to a substantial dirt trail system from my home instead of having to drive somewhere.

The “50 in 5” initiative, it is hoped, will move the city of Grand Rapids closer to being a candidate to someday host the IMBA’s International Mountain Bike Summit.

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  1. 50 in 5 sounds great! Love singletrack dirt...