Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still in the game

While I've been out of the blogging habit lately,  I have not been inactive.

The hubby is still doing great on this exercise plan, and it has been a true pleasure to work out with him multiple times a week.

Winter officially hit Grand Rapids this week leaving snow on the ground and temps in the 30's F.  It's only going to get colder.  And sadly, we now endure the one downside of living just east of Lake Michigan...grayness.  The lake effect leaves the skies cloudy and dark so much of the time that we start contemplating trips to the south and full-spectrum light bulbs.

The coming of the snowy season has also shifted my exercise choices.  Less biking, more clothes when running, and more time at the gym.  I've been really enjoying focusing on some weight training with the hubby before I start getting more serious about marathon preparation.

I've decided to do the Chicago Marathon this year, and I can't wait for registration to open up.  My awesome friend, Cat, has agreed to run it with me.  I think this will be her 4th time.

Goals and staying active have helped both of us combat the depression of the season and the stress of busier work schedules.  I have to say I'm thankful because my company recently informed me that they want to replace me and move me out of my office manager position and into more of a project management position with the opportunity to learn some of the engineering side of the business.  Awesome! 

The same day, the hubby learned that his job will be ending in December instead of March as they had previously told us.  Not exactly the Christmas present I was hoping for, but we'll find him a new opportunity soon, I'm sure.

So that's what's new in the Cyclin' Missy world.  Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone, and let's keep it moving!

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