Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shebeest Women's Wind Pro Tights Review

This week, I got some good advice on cold weather cycling tights from many of you, and my searching ended with the purchase of a pair of Shebeest Women's Wind Pro Tights on sale from Bike Nashbar.  They arrived yesterday, and I had to try them out right away!  So I pulled them on over a pair of bike shorts with some wool socks, a base layer shirt and my Team Fatty hoody and got on my bike for a ride - a trial run for what to wear at the Iceman.

These tights are amazing!  It was somewhere in the 50 degree F range outside (give or take a few degrees), and I have to say that these tights were borderline too warm.  They will be awesome for weather between about freezing and 50 F.


- The front panels really do block out the wind.
- They are lined with fleese that is soft and warm.

- They are comfy!
- The reflective strips really do reflect when light is shined at them.
- They are long enough for my tall legs!  A rare and wonderful thing.
- The zippers at the ankles make them easy to get on.

- The bands around the bottom keep them in place.
- They have a tall rise.  On the down side, this makes the tights less than sexy, but I don't care.  They keep me covered in the back when I'm stretched out on the bike.

- They look rugged and cool (in my opinion anyway). ;)
- They were a decent price for cycling-specific gear.
- You could wear a layer under or over them if you needed extra warmth.
- Since they don't have a chamois, you could wear them running or skiing, too.


- The small pocket in the back is not very deep.  I would be afraid that things will bounce out of it.  So I'd put a gel or some tissues in there but not my phone or ID.

- They are truly for weather of 50 F or below (if that is a con).
- Actually...I can't think of any other cons!

Also, they look like they would repel water pretty well on the front, but I haven't tested them in the rain.  If they did get soaked, they would be heavy, but possibly still warm due to the fleece lining.

So overall, I'm really happy that I bought these, and I can't wait to try them out in colder weather at the race!


  1. I need advice on cold weather gloves.

  2. Nice find...especially at Nashbar prices. I would of snagged them too.