Monday, October 11, 2010

Island Lake Recreation Area

The hubby and I headed out to the Detroit area on Saturday, so the hubby could play in a Magic tournament and we could attend a friend’s birthday party later in the evening. So, I had most of the day free and decided to explore a little mountain biking in the area.

There are a surprising number of trails in the metro area, which I shouldn’t be surprised by due to the number of state parks, but I didn’t mountain bike growing up. I never looked for trails in the area before.

I ended up checking out Island Lake Recreation Area near Brighton, MI. The two trails, totaling about 15 miles of singletrack, were beginner friendly and fast. A few areas were moderately technical, but most of the miles flew over smooth, packed sand. It was great practice for the Iceman, but it confirmed that I'm moving pretty solidly into the "Intermediate" skill level.  I'm kind of proud of how much my skill and confidence have improved this summer!

I had a great time on the trails and could have gone a lot farther, but I had other places to be. And what an amazing day for riding! It was joy on a bike.

Gotta love the windblown look!


  1. Magic! My husband and I love that game, but it's been so long since we played. Wasn't that what brought you to Chicago last year?

    I remember an article in the NY Times a while back about how Detroit is actually a good city for cycling because of all the empty streets. What do you think about that?

  2. It WAS Magic that brought us to Chicago last year! How fun that you both play!

    Detroit is getting better as a cycling city. With the decline in economy and traffic, more people are riding and more bike related businesses are popping up. I'd still say that Detroit is relatively unfriendly to cycling. Drivers are still not used to looking for bicycles on the roads. But progress is happening slowly!