Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cold weather cycling gloves

I got a comment on my cold weather cycling tights post asking for some advice on cold weather cycling gloves.  Unfortunately, that's not something I've figured out yet either!

Usually, if it's cold but not freezing, I'll wear my padded fingerless gloves and throw a pair of big fleece gloves over the top.  If it is freezing, I'll put on my big thick skiing gloves instead.

I would love to pick up a good pair of actual cold weather gloves for biking, but I, too, would love some advice.  Which gloves give you good quality protection and comfort for a reasonable price?

What gloves do you readers out there like for cold weather on a bike?  Please leave your comments!


  1. I have had good luck with the gloves that mechanics or workman's gloves. Not the big bulky ones but the newer "high-tech" type that are more form fitting. You can get them for under $25 at most hardware stores and even cheaper at the two well known huge home improvement retailers. They have leather stress points and padded pieces. Just go through the selection and find some with insulation. They work great!

  2. Louis Garneau Ergo-Air gloves. Lady at the bike shop sold them to me, and I love love love them. they are waterproof, windproof, and they fit nice and snug and are grippy too. http://www.louisgarneau.com/in-en/products/305615/Gloves

  3. Cheap orange work gloves - synthetic wool with a "waffle" of silicone (?)rubber "dribbled" overall as grip. Knitted material is warm and loose (loose is really important to keep blood flowing well), whilst the silicone waffle reduces the airflow (doesn't completely stop it), keeps your hands drier than wool would. Grip well. Very hard wearing. High-viz orange for hand signals. Even ok when wet.