Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparing for the Iceman

I went for a fantastic mountain bike ride on Saturday at Luton Park. Since I rode the loop twice last time I was there, I wanted to ride just a little bit more than that this time. I ended up doing the whole loop twice then added the blue and green sections again for an additional 3 miles - about 21 miles total.

I think if I can ride once each weekend, increasing my distance a little bit each time, and do some running during the weekdays leading up to the Iceman on November 6, I’ll be in good shape for the ride. Even if I don’t, I think I’ll be fine – tired but fine – as long as I eat enough during the race.

I enjoyed myself so much on Saturday, that I’m actually looking forward to the race more now. I hope the trail is fast and not too technical.

I have found that I always ride a trail much better after I’m familiar with it. And I ride better the second time around a loop than the first. I tend to be really cautious until I know where the obstacles are, then I ride much faster and smoother - flowing, leaning into the turns and just floating over the obstacles.

In that sense I’m nervous about the Iceman, because I’ve never seen the trail before at all. But maybe my confidence will grow before then and I’ll settle into a groove after a few miles. Also, I hope it’s not cold and wet! But that’s part of the adventure of a mountain bike race in November in Michigan!


  1. What is Iceman? It has been the hot topic down here in Ohio the last week or so in the biking circles and everyone keeps telling me it sells out fast?

  2. I did the Iceman about 10 years ago when I was racing mountain bikes. Its a mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City, MI. Huge race! Usually a very short entry window. I'm taking the kids up this year to do the kids version of the race (Slush Cup). You never know, it could be sunny and 70F, or snowing. The last year I raced we had a foot of snow on the ground. Fun stuff! Good Luck!

  3. It is also a challenging and gorgeous ride. The Pere Marquette is a treasure not many who didn't grow up in the area know. I won't be riding it this year, having spent all of my available vacation time on a tour from Grand Rapids up through my hometown of Petoskey then on to the UP. Finished up in Madison, then home to Lawrence, KS.