Friday, September 3, 2010

No more sitting in the garage

My poor neglected road bike, Slick, has been sitting in the garage for at least a couple weeks. Unused. Lonely. The tires getting low and sad.

Well, last night was such a beautiful evening with temperatures in the low 70s F and skies clearing after rain during the day. And I really needed the exercise. Plus it struck me that I’ve got a mountain bike race just a couple months away, and I need to start getting some miles in on whatever bike I can.

I couldn’t let Slick sit in the garage on a night like this.

By the time I decided to ride, I had a little over an hour of daylight left, so I set out on the bike path near my house on a familiar route – about 14.6 miles round trip.

The cool air, the setting sun, the day’s rain splashing up gently from the still-wet pavement. It was wonderful.

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  1. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best ones, eh?