Friday, September 17, 2010

Late summer evening after a storm

After work last night, the power was out at our house due to the rain storm during the day. What a perfect evening to go for a run, I thought! A great activity that requires no electricity.

After lighting my gas stove with a match, cooking dinner and attempting to read by what little daylight was left, the hubby and I decided to go over to our friend Jair’s apartment. We were getting kind of bored without video games, books or movies to occupy our attention, and I needed to wait a while after eating dinner before attempting a run.

So over at Jair’s place, we played cards while I digested, and the dark of the evening settled in.

By the time I felt ready to run, the hubby wasn’t quite ready to go home. Which was fine, because I had brought my running clothes with me planning to run on the bike path nearby. But it was dark now, and I didn’t feel comfortable running on the path in the pitch black.

Solution: run home on the well-lit main roads and let the hubby follow with the car when he was ready. Brilliant!

It was one of those late summer nights where it’s cooler than the day but not yet cold at night. I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed the run home – except for my stomach feeling a little off for some reason. But that didn’t stop me, and when I arrived safely at my house, the power was back on. Perfect.

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