Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The hubby is rockin' running

The hubby and I went for a run last night on our 2.5 mile route. It was the perfect temperature for running, which along with the colors of the changing trees, is the best part about fall in Michigan.

It’s clear that with a healthier diet and more frequent exercise, the hubby is getting into better shape. He likes to run the same route over and over until he feels strong at it, and he is definitely getting strong on this 2.5 mile route! His pace is getting faster every time we run it.

After we walked it out and our heart rates went back down to normal, he asked me how close our pace was to my max. I wasn’t topped out, but it was definitely on the high end for me. If the hubby keeps this up, he’ll soon be dropping me! At least on the shorter distances. ;)

I know the hubby doesn’t share the same passion for fitness that I do. So it makes me so excited to hear him say that he’s beginning to enjoy the regular exercise. I want this man around for many, many years with me, so his good health makes me happy! It’s also awesome to have a running partner. It’s fun to work out with a loved one and to encourage each other when the work gets tough.

So go, hubby, go! You are sexy and awesome. I love you.


Also, go help out my friend, Tiffany, at Skinny Don't Fix Ugly.  She needs contest votes to win a treadmill!  And this girl sure deserves it.

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  1. Thanks for the mention :o) Props to your husband for running:o) Sounds like he is doing great. We have a very nice 5k/10k in Belding @ Candlestone Inn October 23rd if you guys are interested. Great afterparty, the 5k is cross country and the 10k is mostly road.