Thursday, August 12, 2010

Start the dang stopwatch!

The hubby and I went for a run last night. The hubby hasn’t been running as much as I have lately, so I let him set the pace. I was impressed over the 2.5 mile route that we did as every so often he sped up a little. By the end, we were running at a pretty good clip! As we approached our driveway, we both sprinted in for a strong finish.

After catching our breath, he asked, “What was our time?”

I said, “I don’t know, I didn’t look at my watch.”

“At the beginning of the run or at the end?” the hubby asked incredulously.

“Neither!” I answered, realizing that maybe he had pushed the pace to improve over the last time we ran the same route. “Sorry! I’m so bad at remembering to start my watch.”

Ha ha ha. Oops! Well, at least we had a good workout!

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  1. For some reason, when my wife started getting serious about running, she read an article encouraging her to record the details of every run. Since then, she's been fanatical about being "in charge" of whatever timekeeping device we're using. First it was an iphone app, but more recently, I've purchased us a Garmin Forerunner 305 for her to use(note how that worked..I bought us one for her!). Since I have a Garmin Edge 305 for my bike and they're basically the same device, I already knew how to work it. She, on the other hand is still struggling with it a couple of weeks later. I'm still walking her through the process of getting it turned on and recording in the function we want, but the bottom line in our household is this. THE PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT THE RUN TIME IS IN CHARGE OF THE RECORDING DEVICE!

    Good job, though, for getting out there and running together!