Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting ready to run dirty

I decided to run last night, but I waited until about 7:00. It was still hot but not as bad as it was earlier in the afternoon. I ran a 4 mile course and tested out the split capability of my new sport watch for the first time. It was interesting to see the effect of the hills on this route. And the heat. Though I slowed down significantly in the middle, hilly portion of the run, I brought my last mile pace back up close to my first again.  

***4 miles in 33:30 total - 8:01, 8:27, 8:51 and 8:10 splits – 8:22.54 average*** 

Not bad for being largely out of the running routine since my tri earlier this summer. That makes me happy because in just a couple weeks, I’m running the Grand Rapids Mud Run on a team with three friends. I need to get ready to run dirty!

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