Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red Rock Canyon - Part 2

A couple days after our hiking trip on the Keystone Thrust trail at Red Rock Canyon, the hubby and I returned to the park with some friends that had come into town for the bachelor party that the hubby was hosting. I was super excited to have the chance to hike the Icebox Canyon trail!

This trail was much more robust than the Keystone consisting of small rocks and gravel for the first section through open desert. Not far into the hike, the trail turned into an ascending line of boulders over and through which we scrambled and climbed.

The Guys - Jair, Gary, Andy and the Hubby

It was a vigorous hike in the desert sun. But it was well worth it.

We gained elevation as the two canyon walls crept closer and closer together until finally we reached the place where they met. In the rainy season, water cascades down this canyon wall collecting in small pools and creating a stream trickling down into the valley where it’s cool and wet enough to support trees and desert brush.

Where the Two Cliffs Meet

Canyon Walls

We climbed up the waterfall to see the pool below the highest cliff. Then we explored more of the rocks and cliffs around the area.


Me and the Bachelor, Andy

Me and the Hubby in the Waterfall

The Guys on the Cliffs

On our way back down into the valley, we followed the dry stream bed into the trees. Near the bottom, we scrambled back up a ridge to rejoin the trail and finish the hike to our gloriously air conditioned car.

Lush Valley

I was in awe of the desert. It’s amazing how so much life thrives there even though a human being would not last long without plenty of food, water and shelter from the sun.

It was a great day to experience the wonder of an unfamiliar environment, to contemplate the beauty of the earth and to get a serious workout! I would love to do a longer hiking/camping trip or a weekend bike tour through the wilderness. I hope…some day!

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  1. What wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing your experience!