Friday, July 16, 2010

Dodgeball Golf

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The hubby took me on a creative date last night. He thought up an alternate version of Frisbee golf in which we took golf clubs and dodge balls to a Frisbee golf course and played golf with the big, rubber inflated dodge balls.

This was a great idea in theory, but the impact of a golf club on a dodge ball was murder on the wrists. So by the third hole, we modified the game. We tried using two tennis balls that happened to be in the trunk of my car instead of the dodge balls.

This worked great until the hubby hit one of the two tennis balls into some brush, and we lost it. That was on the fourth hole.

Modification time again. This time we decided to ditch the golf clubs altogether and return to the dodge balls. In normal Frisbee golf (or disc golf), the goal is to throw your Frisbee down the length of the hole and hit a post (or get the disc in a basket) in the smallest number of throws. So we tried kicking our dodge balls as if we were playing Frisbee golf – to see who could hit the post in the least number of kicks.

Well, this wasn’t exciting enough for the hubby, so we modified the game again. Now it was a race! We started at the same time and raced our kick balls down the hole to try to hit the post first. The loser got a 2 second head start on the next hole to equalize the competition. Head start seconds were cumulative, so you could gain or lose seconds on each hole.

This turned out to be a lot of fun and a heck of a good workout! We basically sprinted the length of 10 to 12 holes. It was like doing an intense interval workout. We probably ran a couple miles that way. And let me tell you, by the last hole, I was out of gas!

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