Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Rock Canyon

The hubby and I spent some time hiking yesterday at Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas.  It's one of those places that makes you appreciate the awesomeness of our planet.

The drive into the conservation area would have been worth the trip all by itself.

The area is full of mountains and ridges layered with red, grey and white rock - depending on which minerals were most prevalent in the ground before shifting plates shoved everything up at odd angles.

We hiked the Keystone Thrust trail up to an area of sliding red rocks and a crop of white sandstone.

It was 106 degrees F with a dry breeze, so we carried lots of water, wide brimmed hats and SPF 50.

As we stopped to admire the view, some mountain goats stood on a neighboring ridge checking us out.

We were tired and dry enough after walking up the Keystone Thrust that we decided to skip our second trail goal - the Icebox Canyon - for the day.  But I really want to go back and do it before we leave town.  We would hike up between two canyon walls and approach the face of what would be a waterfall, if it was rainy season.

I would have LOVED to ride the 13 mile scenic drive around the park on a bike.  Good climbs, great descents and unbeatable scenery.  If you can make the trip out to Red Rock Canyon, I'd highly recommend the ride.  Just be sure to bring lots of water.  Once you leave the visitors center, there are no food or water sources in the park.

I've been to Vegas before to do the typical Vegas stuff, so hiking and seeing the desert country is making this trip way more worth while for me.  Next time, I'll have to bring a bike!


  1. Those views look incredible. You could look into renting a bike from a local shop so you don't have to wait until next time. A quick internet search turned up quite a few shops that rent bikes. Plus it's probably easier, and cheaper, than taking your bike on an airplane. Have fun.

  2. Beautiful photos - I miss the desert. I can't believe you didn't bring or rent a bike, definitely next time!

  3. Mountain goats, huh? We have those around here, too, but most of ours have only two legs.

  4. Cool pics! We live near Sedona so we see very similar views pretty often. Quite startling for people who live in the East or the mid-west where the landscape is green and lush.

  5. So pretty! I love it, what a great time :)