Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Less than two miles

Have you heard of that pledge where you commit to riding your bike instead of driving your car for any trip that is less than two miles from your home?

Well, I performed one of those trips today.  I had to run to the restaurant at the end of our street to get a receipt for the hubby to turn in to work.  It truly would have taken longer to drive a car there than it did to bike.  And the sun is finally out after a stretch of rainy, grey days, so how could I not hop on the bike?


  1. Hey did you sign up for the Clif charity challenge? You can sign up and all of your trips under 2 miles count towards a running total. All 3 charities are guaranteed a certain amount, and then the one with the most miles gets more. Pretty cool.

  2. I think I may take up that 2-mile pledge for the summer. That's a great idea, and I suspect many of the short trips I do would actually be faster by bike than by car. The trick for me is not having this somehow turn into buying a new bike. Somehow my good intentions usually end up attacking my wallet.

  3. That is a awesome pledge!!! What a great idea :)