Thursday, June 24, 2010

The hubby asks for advice

The hubby has had a stressful few months at work, which has led to him eating out more than he should and exercising less. At his recent visit to the doctor, the physician told him to exercise more and drop a few pounds or he was going to prescribe a blood pressure medication.

So for the past week, I have been impressed by the hubby’s dedication to his new exercise regimen. He has started with running a couple miles at a time, and I can tell he’s getting stronger quickly. His pace is increasing and his breathing is getting easier. He was a runner in high school and has completed a few triathlons in the past, so it’s cool to see how getting back into exercising is so natural for him.

Though, running might not be the best choice for him. Running is a quick, convenient workout. You can do it any time of day from any location. However, the hubby is a big guy and the impact wears on him. He also enjoys social or competitive sports like tennis, basketball, mountain biking or dodge ball significantly more than solo activities. I think that the best solution would be for him to combine running some days with fun sports leagues other days.

It’s been really cool for me to see the hubby dedicated to improving his health and fitness. I want to be as supportive and motivating to him in that as I can. It’s also been fun to work out with him. There are very few things we don’t enjoy doing together, and isn’t it always more fun to run with a friend than to go alone?

But what really made me feel good this week was when the hubby asked me for training advice. He wanted to know if I thought he should run every day or take a day off. I explained that he should take at least one rest day a week to let his body recover from the building he’s doing – and a second day if he feels any pain or fatigue. Especially as he’s just starting a new workout regimen, he should ease into it so he doesn’t get injured in the first week preventing him from continuing a regular fitness plan and damaging his resolve to stick with it.

I guess when you train hard for three months and best your spouse’s triathlon time on your first try, it earns you some major fitness knowledge respect points. :)

SundayRun 2.5
TuesdayRun 3.1 with 9 minutes at tempo (26:02, 8:24 mile pace)
WednesdayRun 2

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