Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain, rain go away...

…Come again another day. Like a day that we’re not supposed to have a group ride!

It was raining again yesterday, so I wimped out on the ladies’ ride last night. They may have still held it, but after agreeing to give a friend a ride home from the car mechanic’s, I wouldn’t have made it in time anyway.

So I threw my bike on the trainer and did the ride portion of my bike/run workout in my basement. To alleviate the tedium, I tried reading a book for the first half of it. When that got uncomfortable, I threw a cheesy sci-fi movie in the DVD player and tried to forget that I was pedaling without going anywhere.

Then just as I finished spinning, I realized that I had forgotten about the Hawaii Rides DVDs that I won from the Bike Lemming a few weeks ago. It would have been cool to finally check those out. Oh well…next time!

By the time my ride was done, the rain had pretty much stopped, so I did my run outside. It was actually a lot warmer out in the evening than it had been earlier in the day. The warm evening and the setting sun peeking through the breaking storm clouds provided a nice pick-me-up at end the day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Bike 75 minutes (17.65 mi), Run 11:15 minutes (approx. 1.5 mi)
Every time I ride on the trainer, I remember how awful it is. But it really is a great option to ride indoors. It was good to get outside at least for the run, though!


  1. I won't bore you with the details on bad weather last week. I was rained out of a group ride, too. Thankfully, today is gorgeous and this weekend looks good, too! Hope you have better rides soon.

  2. How are the DVDs holding out for you? Get a chance to try them yet?