Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Never stopped moving

Last night, I came from work and headed to the gym for a swimming workout.  I knew I only had 40 minutes before a class began in the pool, so I had to hurry it up and get it done.  Which I did.

Then I came home and made a delicious dinner for myself (the hubby was at a work function) before beginning to mow the lawn.  During the mowing, a nice young man and his family came to check out the Spree that I've been trying to sell on craigslist.  He bought it!  He's going to love that scooter.

While the kid and his family loaded the Spree on a trailer to drive back to their house on the lakeshore, the hubby came home and helped me rake while I finished mowing the lawn.

Then, the hubby wanted to go for a short run to work off some stress and start getting into an exercise routine again.  So we ran a mile and a half and walked another mile around the neighborhood.  For me, it was a really nice easy run.  It felt good to just relax and take it easy and work on my form.  For the hubby, it was a comfortable transition into running again.  His job has been stressful lately, and he eats out a lot for lunches, so I think it's wonderful and sexy that he wants to get into better shape again.

I felt like I never really stopped moving last night.  And I liked it.

Monday, May 3, 2010
Swim 1300 yards, Run with the hubby 1.5 mi
Swimming was 100 warm up, 12x25 sprints, 4x200 threshold, 100 cool down.
Running was unexpected, but welcome!

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